About Us

On November 17, 2019 the Congregation of Faith United Church of Christ voted to enter into a covenant welcoming people of all sexual orientation, gender identities, and gender expressions into Christian Community and as such is recognized as an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ. Click HERE to read our Welcoming Statement.

Faith Church is a congregation rich in its diversity seeking to provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, education, mission, and stewardship that speaks to the needs of all who seek.

We believe that God is still speaking to us today.  Through worship, Christian education, youth programs and our fellowship, we hear God’s voice and are convicted to share God’s voice in a world desperately seeking these words of acceptance, grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, peace and justice.

The people of Faith United Church of Christ in Center Valley, PA are on a journey!  Along the way they enjoy the fellowship of good friends, strengthen the community and the world by lending a helping hand, grow and learn more about themselves and their faith, and share their blessings with each other. Through it all, they experience the wonderful presence of God in their lives.

Would you like to join them?  They would love to have you!  Begin by exploring this site!  Come and join the Journey of Faith!

Worship: 10:15 a.m. –  Sunday after Labor Day through the 1st Sunday in June
Sunday School classes for ages 3 – Adult: 9:00 a.m.

Summer Worship: 9:00 a.m. – 2nd Sunday in June through the Labor Day Weekend
(No Sunday School or Nursery during the Summer)