Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise Offering

On the second Sunday of each month, the children collect a special offering during worship that is to be used for children’s missions only.  The three missions supported by the Joyful Noise offering include:

Global Ministries

GM is a Child Sponsorship program that is committed to aiding children at risk by providing a practical way for individuals and churches to extend a helping hand.  Since the 1950’s, this global ministry has been working to safeguard the future of children around the world.  Our commitment helps to provide housing, clothing, food, education and basic health care until age eighteen.

Faith Church is currently sponsoring Robert Clive (see his info below).  We have pledged $360 a year to support him.

Robert Clive was an orphan who lives on the Family Village Farm in Tamilinadu, India.  Robert was born Oct 10, 2002. We have sponsored him since 2005. He is now in post high school and we will support him as long as he stays on the farm.

Robert Clive at 3 years old in 2005.

Robert in 2018 – 16 years old!

Bethany Children’s Home

The Shelter Program, near Reading, PA, is a licensed 24 hour emergency placement for youth ages 10-18.  The youth are identified as being in need of a stable environment while a more permanent plan for their child care is developed.

Faith Church has pledged $480 to the Brighter Future Annual Fund.  It not only provides for their basic needs but also for special programs such as Birthday Parties, Christmas Gifts, Spiritual Life, Cottage Trips, Arts, Music and Recreation.  These programs provide our youth with many “first time” and memorable experiences they would not have had with their families.

Beyond Borders

Faith Church has pledged $480 yearly to the School Not Slavery movement that is growing throughout Haiti.  Many areas in Haiti are lacking quality schools or may have no school at all. Beyond Borders is attempting to eradicate child slavery by providing all children with an education.

The Light of Light Foundation is working with Beyond Borders in rural areas in Haiti to train adults to take responsibility in their communities and to ensure that every child in their region will have access to quality education.